Gala performance ready to go!

Here’s the happy mob outside the Chewton Town Hall having a sing-a-long after rehearsal for the Gala performance.

The Gala concert at the Theatre Royal on December 14th is turning out to be a don’t miss event – singer/songwriters presenting their creations with the support of the Monster Meeting band just as they appear on the CD.  With the ABC’s Jonathan Ridnell as MC, noted author Robyn Annear “painting the picture” of the Monster Meeting and John Landy launching the project a super night is guaranteed.  6.30 for dinner or 7.30 for the launch and concert.  This will be one-off event because of the logistics involved!  Don’t miss it.

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Left to right Doug Owen, Charles Affleck, Martin McKenna, Danny Spooner, James Rigby, Patrick Killeen, Nicolas Lyon, Wendy Rowlands (with accordion), Merryn Lamb, Doug Falconer, Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky, Jane Thompson, Kate Melzer, Tony Ryan, Annie Morabito, Tim Heath