Fellow Diggers!

This is the text from the poster that called the diggers to the Monster Meeting:

Fellow Diggers!
The intelligence has just arrived of the resolution of the Government to Double the License Fee.  Will you tamely submit to the imposition or assert your rights as men?

You are called upon to pay a tax originated and concocted by the most heartless selfishness, a tax imposed by Legislators for the purpose of detaining you in their workshops, in their stable yards, and by their flocks and herds.  They have conferred to effect this; They would increase this seven?fold but they are afraid!  Fie upon such pusillanimity!  And shame upon •the men, who, to save a few paltry pounds for their own pockets, would tax the poor man’s hands!

It will be in vain for one or two individuals to tell the Commissioner, or his emissaries, that they have been unsuccessful and that  they cannot pay the licence fee.

But remember that union is strength, that though a single twig may be bent or broken, a bundle of them tied together neither bends nor breaks.

Ye are Britons! will you submit to oppression or injustice?

Meet ? Agitate ? Be unanimous ? and if there is justice in the land, they will, they must abolish the imposition.

Yours Faithfully,   A Digger


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